About F.R. Duval ®

F.R. Duval ® pointe shoes are the end result of 30 years of pointe shoe making tradition & experience and the input of hundreds of professional dancers on how a modern ballet shoes should perform and feel like.


Invented by Franck RAOUL-DUVAL, who changed the dance world in 1982 with the release of the world’s first split sole ballet shoe.


F.R. Duval ® pointe shoes are based on a completely new mixture of modern and traditional materials with superior characteristics.


The materials used in F.R. Duval ® pointe shoes combine the best features of both worlds: A longer lasting sole as compared to a traditional pointe shoes while also still providing a maximum of feel for dancers from artificial materials used in other pointe shoes brands.


  • Designed in Paris by Franck RAOUL-DUVAL
  • Customised in Hungary for European Ballet Companies, by highly qualified pointe shoes makers
  • State-of-the-Art construction
  • Low production output for maximum attention
  • Well proportioned and narrow streamlined last, (Slightly slenderer than a conventional)
  • Made with innovative materials (Shoes should not be soften with method\s as done on conventional pointe shoes.)
  • Extended lifespan, 3 times longer life than traditionally made Pointes shoes
  • Fit and ready to wear! (Dancer should be professionally fitted for their first pair of pointe shoes.)


About F.R. Duval ® Pointe shoes

F.R. Duval ® pointe shoes are conceived with a completely new mix of modern and traditional materials providing superior characteristics.

F.R. Duval ® pointe shoes combine ideal features:

  • Long-lasting shank and box for economy
  • Built-in natural fibre for comfort
  • Pre-formed cylinder for balance
  • Instantly positioning on pointe
  • Longer shelf-life (at optimum storage conditions?