DUVALS feature a hybrid style construction, combining traditional hand-built craftsmanship with modern materials creating a Pointe shoe that offers both enhanced performance and durability.

DUVALS are built with the innovative shaping of Hytrel® plastic shank to a prolonged use; often tripling shoes lifespan compared to more traditional Pointe shoes. – Variations of Hytrel® (known for its durability and flexibility) serve as a robust support structure in the construction, consequently enhancing DUVALS’ ability to withstand the rigors of intensive dancing.

DUVALS incorporate high-performance urethane foam PORON® in several areas of the shoe for its cushioning, shock-absorption and sound-deadening properties. Ballerinas can enjoy increased protection and comfort without sacrificing the shoe’s overall fit or functionality.

Durable pointe shoes with new combination of materials: Poron, long-lasting Hytrel shank and traditional box. Broad shape platformprovides exceptioanl stability and support for the foot.

Made in Hungary for the European market

Besides the Duval1 properties

Made with a reinforced platform to withstand wear in a high humidity environment.

Our lighter version model with vegan-friendly construction, including a four-part split cellulose outsole, along with an aesthetic Pink lining create an enhancing characteristic and appearance to the shoe.

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