F.R. Duval® Story

F.R. Duval® Pointe Shoes are the end result of 40 years of pointe shoe making tradition & experience and the input of hundreds of professional dancers on how a modern pointe shoes should perform and feel likeDuval crown

Invented by Franck RAOUL-DUVAL, who changed the dance world in 1982 with the release of the world’s first split sole ballet shoes.

F.R. Duval® Pointe Shoes are based on a completely new mixture of modern and traditional materials with superior characteristics.

The materials used in F.R. Duval® Pointe Shoes combine the best features of both shoes making traditional: A longer lasting sole as compared to a traditional pointe shoes while also still providing a maximum of feel for dancers from artificial materials used in other pointe shoes brands.



Designed in Paris by Franck RAOUL-DUVAL
Customised in Hungary for European Ballet Companies, by highly qualified pointe shoes makers
State-of-the-Art construction
Artisanal production output for maximum attention
Well proportioned and narrow streamlined last, slightly leaner than a conventional
Exceptional balance
Made with innovative materials (Shoes should not traditionally soften as is the customary with conventional pointe shoes.)
Extended lifespan, 3 times longer life than traditionally made pointes shoes
Fit and ready to wear! (Dancers should be professionally fitted for their first pair of pointe shoes.)
Special orders:
…………. Any vamp, sides, heel measurement
…………. Any colour
…………. Any pre-fitted / sewn accessories (Suede Cap, Ribbon, Invisible Elastic)
…………. VEGAN version

Duval Dancer

Duval crownduvalDuval crown

About | F.R. Duval®

In 1982 the brand’s founder, Franck Raoul-Duval, introduced the first of a long line of innovative footwear designs, including the iconic and now world-famous “split-sole ballet slipper.” After many trials and adjustments, the split-sole ballet shoe “Pro1c” was born. This split-sole ballet shoe created quite a stir at the 1994 ParisDance Expo and also London 1996 dance wear expo and received a lot of applause. It was a great step in technical innovation for dancers. As a result of 40 years of continuous product development and meticulous attention to detail, the F.R. Duval® brand now offers a wide range of highly technical ballet and pointe shoes and collaborates with over 200 professional ballet dance companies and theatres worldwide, providing customised stage performance products for professional dancers.




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