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The brand’s founder, “F.R. Duval®,” Franck Raoul-Duval, a young man from the French aristocracy, In 1982, he introduced the first of a long line of innovative footwear designs, including the iconic and world-famous “split-sole ballet slipper.” After many trials and adjustments, the split-sole ballet shoe “Pro1” was born. This split-sole ballet shoe created quite a stir at the 1994 Paris Expo and received a lot of applause. It was dubbed the world’s greatest revolution and innovation. As a result of 40 years of continuous development and meticulous attention to detail, the F.R. Duval® brand now offers a wide range of highly technical ballet shoes and collaborates with over 200 professional ballet dance companies and theaters worldwide, providing customized stage performance products for professional dancers.




Duval Dancer