F.R. Duval® Features

F.R. Duval® Pointe Shoes are conceived with a completely new mix of modern and traditional materials, providing superior characteristics.


F.R. Duval® Pointe Shoes combine ideal features:
Long-lasting shank and box for economy
Built-in natural fibre for comfort
Pre-formed cylinder for balance
Instantly positioning on pointe
Longer shelf-life (at optimum storage conditions)


Peach pink satin
with elastic drawstring



Full grain genuine leather

Microfibre for VEGAN model

Machine stitched

Collection: Duval Parisian
Duval 1 the “PRO”
9 shank types on offer:
from softest to strongest

Duval 2 the ” PRO TROPICAL”
Customised for warmer climate: With a reinforced glue countering high humidity

3/4 shank

Optional: 1/2 and 2/3
(preferred for stronger feet artists with harder Shank STR, XFR and XST)

Pre-arched 3/4 shank – conforming to the instep with innovative “HYTREL” by DUPONT®

Wide oval shape: shock absorbing platform

Quiet toe with Poron©

Cushioning that can absorb most impact and minimise sound

Velvet like microfibre with
foam padding

To improve comfort and
enhance performance

Polymer wide box construction
(Provides optimal balance
on pointe)

Sweat absorbtion lining

DV – Deep Vamp

LV – Low Vamp

U-cut vamp shape

V-shape for better lateral support

U-shape for better roll-through demi-pointe

V-cut vamp shape

As per US sizing

Medium M

Wide W

Extra-Wide XW

Double Extra-Wide XXW

Triple Extra-Wide XXXW

Pre-fitted invisible mesh
(when request)

State-of-the-Art pointe shoes are
using a new combination of materials
for a longer-lasting and reliable
dancing experience.
The F.R. Duval® is more durable
as compared to other shoes,
and allows the dancer
to experience an incredible sense
of lightness on “Duval-Pointe”
in a customized pointe shoes.

These pointe shoes rank among the most up-to-date models made by Sansha®.
The shoes are named after the founder of F.R. Duval® himself, Mr. Duval.
The new combination of the materials used guarantees longer durability of the shoes and, most importantly, safety for the dancer.

This newest model of pointe shoes become very populer shortly after it had been introduced in the market.
There are serveral shank variations as the name suggest.

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